domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017

Ezidi escorts in New York Fashion Week

Ezidi escorts in New York Fashion Week

Turkish fashion designer Numan Ataker exhibited designs inspired by Ezidian women's clothes at the New York Fashion Week. Ataker's 2008 model of the Universe and Venezuela's beautiful model and player Mendoza also appeared in the podium.

The Turkish fashion designer Numan Ataker, who attended the New York Fashion Week for the third time with the John Paul Ataker brand, applauded with great enthusiasm inspired by Ezidi women's clothing.

Turkish designer Ataker, whose John Paul Ataker brand designs were worn by many American celebrities, presented the Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 collection at the New York Fashion Week.

Ataker's "2008 Universe Guzeli" Venezuelan model and actress Dayana Mendoza appeared in the podium.

Among the followers were Marla Maples, mother of Tiffany Trump, ex-wife of US President Donald Trump, and Olivia Culpo of USA "Universe Beauty".

Jacquard, organza, leather and velvet fabrics came to the forefront in Ataker's new collection, which inspired ethnic lines inspired by Turkey's cultural riches in its designs.

The fashion show was watched with great interest by the participants.

Ataker explained that he wanted to produce something about the Ezidis from the disappearing cultures, describing Ezidian women's choice of clothing in their designs.

The Turkish fashion designer stated that he planned to show fashion in horon and kemenle in the next New York Fashion Week to be held in September and this time he will process the clothes of the Black Sea women.

Numan Ataker's sister Kerime Ataker, the founding partner of the US chairman and chief executive of the John Paul Ataker brand, also described a collection of "dramatic and bold" collections for the latest fashion show in the description of the designs.

After Atil Kutoğlu, Numan Ataker, the first Turkish fashion designer to be the main defenders of New York Fashion Week, as well as Hakan Akkaya for the first time this year, also exhibited his designs at the opening festivals of the week.

Here's Numan Ataker's New York Fashion Week