domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Lover-Beauty Women's Casual Elastic Waist Compression Athletic Yoga Pants

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I love yoga pants and leggings. I exercise a lot and I love to have pants that I am comfortable wearing all day so that I can stop and stretch at any point in the day. One thing that is usually a problem with yoga pants is being thin or a bit sheer. These are not at all. This seems like the right level of thickness- they are breathable and feel nice even when you are hot and working up a sweat. But they are thick enough that you can’t see through them.

They are nice and tightly fitted. They feature a high waist with a control top and a small pocket in the front. The top section comes in multiple colors on these- so you get the nice plain black pants with different waist color options. The sizing fits well for me. I am 5-1 and wearing a size small and then length on the leg is right to my ankle without being too long.

One thing that strikes me with these pants is that they are so soft to the touch. They are comfortable and don’t seem to slip down like some do. I have been comfortable wearing these for sure. No complaints from me on these pants!