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Jewelry heist: driver tear-gassed, Qatari sisters robbed of millions in highway robbery - TomoNews

PARIS — Two Qatari sisters now find themselves a little lighter in the pocket following the most recent high-profile robbery to take place in France.

On November 21, the sisters landed at Le Bourget airport in their private plane. As they made their way toward Paris in a chauffeur-driven Bentley, the car driving up ahead of them slammed on its brakes, forcing their vehicle off the highway. That’s when three masked men jumped out of the car, a black Peugeot with tinted windows.

The men wasted no time going after their goods, spraying tear-gas at the driver and popping the trunk of the Bentley. The sisters’ suitcases were sitting in the trunk, containing an estimated $5.3 million worth of goods, mostly jewelery. The three thieves grabbed the luggage, hopped back in their car and sped off into the night.

The Qatari sisters, ages 60 and 61, were unharmed in the heist.They are the latest to fall victim to these burglaries in France. Last month, Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed of millions in jewelry. Last week, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat and her partner were tear-gassed before the bandits ran away.


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