domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Camellias Women's 4 Pocket Pants Cinch-leg Running ness Workout Activewear

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These are comfortable active wear pants that have a loose fit and breathability that make them great for certain exercise activities and also great for just lounging around and being comfortable in. I was very disappointed to receive mine and find that they weren’t properly sewn together so quality control was a real issues with these pants for me. (See below.)

Product Features:

• Breathable, light-weight material. (If you wear these out on a cold day they don’t keep your legs very warm but they are perfect to wear out and stay cool on a long run.)

• Dry Moisture Wicking material- you can feel comfortable sweating in these.

• Wide Elastic waistband- no buttons or drawstring and the waist band stays put well without being too tight.

• Has 4 pockets: two in the front and two in the rear. The back pockets are very deep and could easily fit a large cell phone in them. Front pockets due tend to pucker a bit or stick out when sitting down.

• Can be worn as a full length pant or leg can be raised and bunched. Front the knee down there is an area that can be cinched together. This works really effectively and stays nicely even before you tie it closed. It doesn’t slip loose. The drawstrings are very long though. Even when I have them fully extended into a long pant, there is a bunch left sticking out that needs to be tied. So when you do bunch it up there is tons of string hanging there. I have found that I either need to double up that string before tying in a bow or I need to tuck some of it under the pant leg because there is a large amount of string hanging out and I don’t like the look of it. Those could definitely be shorter and still be affective.

• Care instructions: hand wash in warm water and hang to dry. Do not iron or wring excess water out of these.

Lack of Quality Control:

As I mentioned briefly above, when I received my pants the one pant leg was not properly sewn together and it left me with a significant opening on the inside thigh. Like most shoppers, I prefer my clothing to be sewn together when I receive it so obviously that was a huge issue. After debating returning them I decided to just take them to my sewing machine and fix that seam myself. It took me a minute to do it and you can’t really tell from the outside so the issue didn’t end up being very consequential. I just shouldn’t have to sew my new pants together so I was less than impressed that a pair of damaged pants were sent to me. It was an easy fix and I am wearing them and enjoying how comfortable they are now.