miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

DIY Light up shoes! DIY ideas you NEED to try!

DIY light up shoes! DIY LED shoes! DIY light up shoes inspired by tumblr :) Hope you enjoy these DIY projects you need to try! DIY ideas you need to try!

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Another great light up shoes DIY tutorial! lights i used! :)

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Hi Guys! In today’s video I wanted to show you, DIY light up shoes, tumblr inspired, these are, DIY LED shoes, DIY light up led shoes, I wanted to do these after I did my, DIY color changing shoes, let me know if you want to see more light up diys like a, DIY light up headboard, diy light up cloud, or a, diy light up phone case, i hope you enjoy these, DIY ideas, diy projects, diy clothes, diy crafts, because there are so many cool, diy projects, and, diy ideas you need to try, these are inspired by a lot of cool YouTubers like, KarinaGarcia, RCLbeauty101, and more!