viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

Cheap Synthetic Grown Diamond Jewelry Engagement Ring Earrings Pendant Necklace

jewelry made of silver purity 925 and plated with 10K white gold

We made of real 925 sterling silver, not cheap metals which is fake silver

Buy cheap ring for woman with synthetic NSCD diamond very similar to natural

Best place where you can buy SONA Lab created diamond via safe PayPal payment

Most people think that lab-created stones are real diamonds that are created in laboratories

The fact of the matter is that any simulated diamond that is man-made is called lab-created

Our stones are Amorphous Lab-Created Diamonds Hybrid

The diamond accents are set in a unique micro-pave setting

They emit every shade of light that a natural diamond would emit

The radiance and fire of these created diamonds are equivalent if not superior

to a natural diamond of a FL clarity, D color and excellent Cut

You are not purchasing real Natural or HTHP synthetic diamond

Our stone not give positive on diamond tester

Why buy our stone?

Lab-created diamonds are completely and 100% beyond conflict free

They are designed to have a look and feel that approximates authentic diamonds

In fact in their optical and physical properties they are extremely close to natural diamonds

Our stones are created as a result of fair laboratory practices in environmentally responsible conditions

We believe in the quality of our stones so much that we offer LIFETIME WARRANTIES on them

Synthetic Grown Diamond man made in laboratory buy cheap silver gold jewelry for woman man wedding or Engagement with certified

Silver is plated with thin layer of 0.01mm white gold

We use solid white gold of purity 10 carat, ie 420 gold

A layer of gold provides a beautiful shine and guarantee longevity