miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

10 Amazing Jewelry Crafts Using Soda Can Tabs - Do It, Gurl

It, Gurl

"10 Amazing Jewelry Crafts Using Soda Can Tabs"

Jamie is here with ten different ways that you can take pop and soda can tabs and transform them into awesome DIY jewelry accessories. Watch now to see how all these versions of can tab crafts are made!


-Pop/soda can tabs



-Needle-nose pliers

-Strong crafting glue


-Decorative embellishments

-Jewelry connectors

The 10 Crafts:

1. The Basic

2. The Fancy

3. The Charm

4. The Stacked

5. The Chunky

6. The Parallel

7. The Criss-Cross

8. The Double-Up

9. The Pendant

10. The Flower

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